I hope you….

I am not the type of girl who updates a status on a networking site depending on the state of my mind if it’s happy ,grief,grateful or insane. But when I did it was for you. Because  I  thought it could reach you as you never made an effort to read my mind.
And now  it proves me that I was so stupid all these days. And the worst part is you never gave me a chance what I can make to you or how united we would be if we’re together .In spite of many trials I made to talk to you ,you said you were neutral about me. Now that single word freaks me a lot.
How could you be so harsh with me.
Is that because I once unfriended you.
I told you I was sorry .But your most annoying answer was it doesn’t make any difference if we continued to talk or did not. Yet,what makes me think about you is and still like you is your consistent opinion and tone irrespective of my emotional talk. you were real. you just hang in there because I am not leaving you unless you hurt my hope. yeah,that’s right I still hope for you. #HOPE is a very good thing
And I still believe in you more than hope. you are not bad as you said .you are very good thing happend to me.


For you

Have you ever felt avoided by someone?whom you loved a lot and pretend like “Don’t Care” because how hard you try ,there is no end result.And you start to pretend you are happy in front of your family ,friends.

And you spend sleepless nights ,tears rolling down your eyes.And avoid the sobbing voice ,so that no one would notice you or to escape from their so called common lectures ” Let them go”.you repeat it again and again ,wipe your eyes every night.One fine morning you decide to stop it,forcing yourself into Monday morning blues ,greeting aquaitances on your way to hide the original you.Because I believe in great people such as Oscar Wilde who once said “Crying is for plain women ,pretty women go shopping”. I follow it sometimes ,I’m not sure if Oscar Wilde was right.But iam one of those women who are obsessed with clothes.

Yes ,I would feel better then.But it does not last for long.And I repeat the same again .Every night my blanket gets wet,I mean tears.

I also believe in one phrase ” Every person in your life teaches you something.And I thank God for giving me such loving friends .And to mention I have a friend who understands my sorrow,pain. Because he felt my pain before. As he is very intuitive I could not hide anything. Taught me so much in life and I would dedicate this to him for teaching me to be patient,to make a valid decision at right time,and to organize the goals of my life.Thank you so much for this.This is” for you”.