3 day quote challenge (Never give up)

Thank you for nominating me Apeksha rai

I don’t know how to start and from what .But,I was the one who picked it.
And what now,
I need not worry,because I already did it.
Everyone say ,
Living in the past is waste of time.
But,why do we admire the people and talk about their deeds who existed in the past.
Every past is not a history.
And history is made up of the people who plunged upon their dreams and took time for them.


Isn’t it?:D
All of us dream
Dreams are useless ,unless we wake up from them and work on them.
First,it goes in this way.
You see a toy and ask your dad for it.
If its already taken ,do you leave it?
I don’t think so,
We get it at any cost.
May be another one or the same one by convincing the other .
Later,we ask for a bike
It also goes the same way.
Later studies,work and partner .
But as our wants grow up,the more complicated they are.
Let them,
But why should we stop wanting them.


How true it is!!!
why do we have to walk back?
When our future is in our own hands.
And all we have to do is,shape them.
I very well know ,how hard it is to be rejected,to be thrown out,to be not loved back.
All the above are temporary.
Show them your talent,never wait for your chance ,take it.
Never,let a person criticise you.
And tell them how you feel.
If not,after looking back,you would not find you.


Regret is the more difficult situation you could face
Sooner or later ,you will achieve the things ,you dreamt.
You will get back thousands of love back for your every single tear.
You will be rewarded for your every bit of hard work.
After all,you are finally left with the happiness and cherish.
To all of you out there,



One lovely blog award

Thank you so much!!!!  cezane & michelle  for one lovely blog award.
As you said the post could be of any facts ,here they are.
1.Iam not much of a talkative person,my childhood being in a hostel.
I was always the lonely person.
But one person ,who considered me as her life.And brought to the senses is my lovely mom.

2.When I was 15 ,somewhere I had sarcasm .of course I still have .
This is for my three lovely siblings
Who was benevolent and patient and heard all my narrations and stories.

3.I love you so much dad.
You are the person who taught me to be independent and to rise when  down.This is for my lovely dad.

4.As a normal girl,I had every sort of emotion in me such as happy,grief,thoughtless,confusion,sobbing.But every normal girl wouldn’t get a friend like I have her now and forever.Iam myself when Iam with her so my dear lovely friend.you deserve more than this post from my side.

5.These are all part of my beautiful and lovely life.But I have a person ,who I will always love and care.Even if he doesn’t have anything to me in return.You are within me.And you are my lovely special person of my life.

Change “The change”:D:D:D


Being a 20 year old woman.
I noticed a seed growing to a plant.
I noticed a born child started go to school.
I noticed young people taking up responsibilities.
Now,I notice myself from a “creepy ,lonely,introvert” girl into a Assertive ,spunky and extrovert .
And at this time I feel sad about myself
And most of the times I feel grief and afraid.What is it that makes me fear?
Changing my opinion ,changing my selection,changing my position.
Changing myself.
What am I if I keep on changing?
Why am I not consistent like many .?
How don’t  I have  control of my opinion?
Many such questions revolve round my head ,”the very next moment I wake up and the moment I go to sleep”.
I have dreams,goals.
When do I pursue them if it is this way?
I had many things in my Bucket list for the past 6 months .
I have achieved nothing.This makes me cry every morning and evening.I was not myself for the past few days.I was pretending to be happy,as if nothing changed.Something is letting me down again and again.
What do I do?
Stop dreaming and thinking about goals.
This can’t happen ,how am I supposed to proceed further.
I wanted to achieve goals,I want to be the person ,someone would take me as Ideal person.
I need to change my perception .And move on.
I will work for my goal it starts right now.

Change is something you need to focus on not fighting for the old,but for building the new.

Hope it was good,need feedback.

You are worth to live

What a beautiful morning it is!!!
I thought as I walked along the narrow lawns,and could see yellowish leaves on the floor touching my bare feet.
And I suddenly felt someone calling me so silently .Because it’s not always the words that you hear. And I looked up with a smile on my face knowing it was the blowing wind.
And greeted me in a beautiful tone.
As l kept walking I looked  into the pages of the newspaper I bought along with me. And was turning it expecting for something new and I found a boy’s suicide note .I prepared myself to sit on the lawn ,with a shocking and curious expression.
I felt very sorry and doleful after completing the note.
I looked up with my gloomy face and could still feel the warmth and relief of the morning.
“How could one want to miss the beauty of their birth a nature could give,when I don’t even want to miss the summer mornings.