Thank you…

I wouldn’t have planned to write my eleventh post so faster,if you all didn’t stand by me and reply to the every post of mine.


I don’t presume anyone here is blogging without an Intention.I came here to share my memories and make it a platform for my vocabulary  and to improve literature.When I first started my blog I was so scared to proceed further .But it did not last for so long  ,I was overwhelmed ,by all of  your responses and the best part is -where everyone connected to my writing ,even when I  was unable to figure it out.

There were days when I had zero views after already dropping  three of my posts.I was upset ,yet didn’t give up.But then I did not know ,it will be one of my favorite hobby and I will love it so much.

Many of you inspire me to write something different ,fantastic ,dramatic ,tragic and suspense.After a hectic work ,when I  lay on my bed with no drop of energy in me and I suddenly sit up ,widen my eyes and continue to read all of your posts.Trust me ,everything is amazing and soon I think to write one sort of that.  I will always want to make an attempt in all the above and one day I would come with one of the great story .Of course ,I am working on it starting from basics such as:Reading,discovering new terms and commit to a style of writing.

And ,that day I want you all to witness it and support me as always.All of you have become my dearly buddies so fast .And there is no single day I would go to bed without visiting the blogs.It has become my part.

Finally ,I think this is it .Thank you so very much for contributing me a lot of cheerfulness with or without your knowledge.I wish a very big “ALL THE BEST”.Keep Writing!!!





3 day quote challenge(My Companion)

Being an introvert ,I do not have much friends.And I have my friends to a certain boundary.I speak less say many of the strangers ,but my buddies wait to shut up my mouth.Iam very open to one’s iam close with and love to be with.

Some annoy me,irritate me,disturb me.

I wake up and get upset,ofcorse it’s a mentality of many people.Some are nice,polite,honest.And some are nothing.Some have pride to showcase themselves.Many say iam of this category.But I never gave attention to them.

Amidst of all these ,I always enjoy  playing my table tennis.Its sort of  relieve from all these nonsense.I started it with no intention in my mind.And it slowly started to be part of me.I want playing it all the day.My biggest happiness of all the time.My greatest pleasure.

And probably there are many of us with a special interest in them as iam with table tennis .

Let me remind you ,sport is one of the strength in you when you want to face the outside world with no idea of what’s coming next.

Hope it was a good one:D:D:D

I thank Apeksha rai once again for nominating me.And I loved writing all the three consecutive days.

I would like to nominate:::


2.Too full to write

3 day quote challenge(Tribute)

“I shall go early today ” she thought with a smile on her face.But,she was then called by her boss and boss said “project must be done tomorrow ,so you will be working late ,Meera”.

Meera,had no choice but to accept her boss orders.She unwillingly went to her desk and started working on it without any delay.One by one ,started to leave the office , bidding bye to meera.

She was so upset,but did not stop the work,it went on for so long and she noticed it was 2:00 AM already.She panicked,packed all her things and she mailed work  to her boss.Hurriedly,she packed all her things in the bag.Then,she noticed her mobile and saw 23 missed calls and 10 messages.

And a remainder”sweet son’s birthday”.

She was now very much tensed,went downstairs after locking her office and handed over keys to the security.She ,started her bike and went very fast than she could ever.All she could think about is her son,husband waiting.She made a call telling her husband that she is on her way.Soon,she arrived and hugged her son and took him inside who was waiting at the entrance.she then gave him a big and beautiful guitar and wished him “Happy Birthday son”.she saw him smiling with all the thirty two teeth and then she blushed.That boy could not believe ,what was in his hands.And gave his mom a tight hug and went with guitar.Her husband meanwhile went to his son and wished .Later,he said to his wife” I totally forgot”.

She smiled anyway.

“Meera ,is it over” ,boss asked her .She said yes and went to her desk.It was 5:00 PM ,so she started to her home on her bike as her work was over ,importantly it’s her son’s birthday,she was planning all the things in her mind about the party at home.About decoration,cake,guests and she saw something approaching to her ,before she could see,hear anything,she was on the road ,lying with blood floating her side.When her eyes were wide open ,she saw his son,husband worried and all the staff waiting outside.

She turned her eyes to her husband and holding  her hand he said”I did not think ,you will be back”.

“How could I not?” she said and smiled at him.
Story of a regular working women.She is the one for a smile on your face and she deserves an understanding family.

I would like to dedicate this to one of the renowned and reputed CEO of ICICI Bank :Chanda Kocchar