A letter with love

Me:These are awesome !!!I never received anything of this sort before.

Mom:what did you say?you never got a letter(with wide open eyes).

Me: Of course , I didn’t  who would post me a letter  these days.

Mom:yeah I know ,letters have been replaced a long ago.When you are very much interested with this ,why don’t you start to write one.(and she went away to prepare coffee).

It was 4 ‘o’ clock in the evening.And I was sitting  among many unfolded letters fallen on the floor.There were about twenty to thirty green stamped  leaves .My heart was filled with such a pleasure and  excitement in my eyes.I read every one of them without any pause.when I completed them,mom came to me with a coffee in her hand.

I hold the coffee mug and gave a thought on writing a letter.I started to write one the very next day with fresh mind and an empty stomach.I borrowed a letter from my mom and was ready.Wait,what? who will I write to.With a big smile ,I began

Dear Myself,

How are you?Haven’t talked to you for a while.Hope all good.what are you up to?

Anything new.Of course ,I do think there’s a lot going on.Willing to tell me.Okay ,lemme go first.Well,as you know not much interested in so called studies.My love grew towards writing .I have been writing in one or the other way,time,place.Yet,it is special when I blog.And You know what? I am planning to pursue Masters in literature.Yeah,that’s

right!!!you read me.Guess you are hail and healthy.See you Sweetie.Keep in touch.Miss you!!

Your’s emotionally


What do you think folks?how overwhelming and glee would it be when you find a letter .Is it not as worthy as watching a sunrise.Is it not greater than visiting your granny after ages.

I would say this is above all of them.So,My dear folks here comes my humble request

Try starting to write a letter.I wouldn’t recommend to write to yourself(No one would be as silly as me):-.It is the bliss and you find your day complete and sleep with glee.And do share your experience with me.

Thanks for reading…………