To the Respected Editor


Like every day,it was bright and intense ,sun emitting its true colors.I drove on my bike and went into office so  hurriedly that I could not possibly make an eye-contact with anyone and went to my desk.It took some time for me to adjust ,then everyone started to wish “Good Morning ” ,knowing who it is,I stood in my place and greeted him,when he looked at me, signaled me to come in,with his hand.I went in immediately into his cubicle ,a few minutes later,he asked  me to call the person waiting in the hall.I accompanied myself with the man from the hall to the cubicle.My editor introduced me to the man saying “He is the founder of a new startup , planning to build a website for his company.So,you’re  job here is to present the site more verbally,literally with the words.”and he stopped.I did not say anything in response, he also told me to take the person to my desk and to know about their product.I took him along with me to my desk ,I asked for his name ,he said “I am Ayush”,forwarded his hand .I told him “Ayush ,will you wait for a sec ,I will be back” and ran into editor’s office.

“Sir,I don’t understand,this is what I have been doing in my initial stage .Importantly ,I have done many more.”I was still speaking and he interrupted me telling to close the door when leaving the office.I had nothing to do,he did not even ask me for an explanation of my mistake.I sat down on my chair and looked above.As I saw him with a smile then I came back to my senses and pulled a chair from my desk and said “Ayush, sit and so sorry for the delay”.He seemed to be cooler and asked if he can start.

Ayush: We are building a site for online shopping and it holds the handicrafts such as                                greetings,paintings,show pieces…blah,blah,blah.

(I was gazing onto the wall ,left side of him and did not pay any concentration to what he was telling……then I heard no word .So,I looked at him.)

Ayush: What do you say?

Me:       wow!!!!That’s a brilliant idea.Why don’t you start  immediately?

Ayush:  (laughing with all his 32 teeth) yeah,we have already started and that is why I am here

Me:       I laughed too(not in a mood though).I will start as soon as you send me the website with  its full structure and complete with the products.

Ayush: Thank you!!!

(we shook hands and he left)

It was 1:30 PM .And I peeked into editor’s office standing in front of the door.Then I felt like a one ton of  weight on my shoulder.As an effect I moved forward ,my nose got hit to the door and I turned back to see.So,here he is (Editor sir),without any delay I told him all the things that took place yesterday and the reason for our argument.

Editor: Wait,wait,wait.I know all this before,everyone in the office told me what                                happened .But,the reason I gave you this work today is the assigned writer for it                  is on leave.So,respected Aditi will you do it for us without any extra                                         charge(smiling with a wink).

Me:(My heart was so relaxed when I heard him)Of Course,sir.




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