Too much to have


tik tik tik tik tik………………..

I woke up and was so indelible to get ready ,combed my hair ,put on shoe ,grabbed my backpack,Which I packed last night with reusable water bottle,walking stick,Sunscreen SPF ,trousers and shirts with few snacks.Yes,Yes,Yes I am going on a trek.I was flying in between clouds with over exhilaration .Many things were revolving round my head like where  it would start?How does it go on?What I would be like at the end of the day? Yeah,I know I am over reacting .But,Guysss My friends are here after a very long time of anticipation.And,Finally came up with this plan. Wouldn’t you be the same?

Before I left ,I checked everything was closed and switched off ,in place and locked the apartment.I started ,an hour before the expected  time.

#Next day

It was another usual day so called monday , a day with so much of detachment .Not that I am disinterested at work,It was the choice of mine and mine alone.Could not think much of past then,every corner of my body is aching like a hell and when I put two feet on the floor ,its like am getting in touch with  fire.None of my body parts supported ,but still I wanted to run to office just to share about yesterday things.I was having coffee when I had call from one of my colleague .As a consequence,I was in office with a client in front of me.Assuming you still remember the guy(with all that handicrafts).I just wonder why would one want to start a store like that.Don’t they  see people craving for fashion and want to stand away from the crowd.Okay,Okay,I am back to my senses and hope I should owe a resolution right the next moment to focus only on my work.

Ayush:What do you think about the site?

Me: (My eyes were struck to the laptop and did not blink  for a while).It is                    WOW!!!How did you come up with so much beauty ,in just few days?

Ayush:Well,I had to rush up for those kids.

Me: your Kids?You are married?

Ayush:(He laughed out so loud)No,Not really.60 % of our earnings are donated to the orphans.Those orphan homes have been facing a lot of crisis since last year.Hence,we all came up with this idea.

Me:(was silent initially,quickly made up some words),excellent,perfect,super… etc,etc.I would not give a rupee to a child on roadside(month ending) I thought.

I watched him go as he left I know this is not me ,not emotional in a way though.


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