The Speech

#Episode 3

“She is an attractive talker and a good listener too.She had time for you ,when she has to attend a million works.She was with you,when she was wanted by many.She did not leave you when you intended to,not because she doesn’t value you ,because she cares for you.You were not her alternative ,she chose you among many and you are the only one choice.She fought for you,she stood by you,she sacrificed for you,she consoled you,she encouraged you,she caressed you.Hence,

My Dear

When was the last time you spent time with her?When was the last time you made her smile?When was the last time you complimented her?Or should I put it in this way ,when was the last time you loved her?Don’t you think it’s your turn now.”

I noticed silence for about few minutes.And I heard them (putting their hands together).I was giggling and left the place with thank you.Well,it is the least compliment everyone could get.But,the matter is I did well.I imagined this entire speech practicing like a one hundred times.But this was the best among all of them.Yeah,I didn’t tell you, today is activity day which means we are supposed to talk ,act,write.Of course this is what we do on non-activity day.This is little special with not having a bossy editor who monitors on your writings.We are free to express anything.But,my left eye started blinking,there should be something waiting for me ,as everything went on well till now,I thought. As  my eye lashes were dashing into each other at a speed 3 ×10²³ m/sec.I was sitting on my chair when some of my so called friends complimented me on the speech,I thanked them .

I was not interested to work ,so stood up  and stared into everyone laughing,gossiping.Looking into someone like that would make me feel walking on the thorns.Eventually,I wanted to leave.But you know,our office is  like a one way thing ,you only have the choice to get in and the other it only happens in the late night. Perhaps ,I should just gossip with my system then.Then I saw him and murmured “Here comes the Philanthropist”.Now this is something great ,isn’t it?Everyone gets to enjoy with their friends and am here with regular work.But Ayush, just waved at me and went into editor’s office.I hoped he would never come back.I have a “I am so selfish” kinda feeling when I talk to him.

Great!!! Aditi ,You always complain people about gossiping and now you were just sitting in that chair and judging everyone on your way. Doesn’t make much difference,does it?





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