Are you okay?

Have you been in a situation when you felt someone to be there for you ,when nothing worked out and you did not have anything left to do.So,there you are sobbing and  sobbing,continued until your eyes stopped the flow and then dried.Have it ever occurred to you ,if only someone was there for you, the situation would have been better and warming.Someone who had a sense  to know,to suggest,to console and to be there for you.

I am sure everyone of you have been in that place and thought the same more than once.But my friend, you would have got one to stay with you then, only if you  were there for someone when they needed you to be.Everyone here encounters failure , rejection,humiliation ,bullying .All of them might have come past it and few are in the present .As a fellow being ,as a person who faced it before ,as an individual with a responsibility.Make time from your schedule ,approach them ,console them and don’t forget to ask “Are you okay?”.It will be your smallest unit of contribution to their relief.Because,not all of us pays back for our grief and get things right to what they were before.It is not that  I am suggesting you to move on ,fight for what you deserve ,fight for your identity,fight for it is your right ,fight for the cause,fight for your independence.But every brave heart needs a person in their bad time as you did before.Hence help them to get over it .




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