Yours always

On the sea shore with tides touching my feet and a distant lightning moon witnessing me I held my eyes staring high.Because you are a shining star in the dark sky.

I began to recall all the chattering of ours and our long night outs ,our giggles,our stories of life.

And then I wonder where all of them flew,or may be you took them away from me along with you.

I don’t have a place for happiness in my heart.I don’t smile like before,dress like before,talk like before ,live like before.All I can think is,which I never wanted to be remembered ,it is four of the men carrying you in a coffin and in which you were not a person anymore ,but just a body.

I sit there on the sand and wonder why aren’t you here with me.I jump with my hand trying to hold you.I fall .I try again knowing I will fall.

I am not complaining officer infact I am proud of you for loving you ,and proud for chosing your own death unlike us all.You died for the nation but you are immortal for me.


56 thoughts on “Yours always

      1. Thank you very much The Vibrant dame. It is a pleasure to learn that! I cannot believe it! I never even thought of it for even once. But here I am been nominated. You are an angel. Thank you for being in contact and let us stay communicated. Have a Happy Weekend!

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      1. Thanks for thinking about me and I am glad that I get this 6th award in few days. And this gives me motivation to write and once again a big thanks. I will soon post this gift of you on my blog as I will like to do it.

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