One Lovely Blog Award


Hello all! I am very glad for posting this.As this his been a second compliment in a row.I am very thank full to my fellow blogger for nominating me.He is  sunil singh.He is a wonderful blogger and has so much of content that leaves you a moment to think about.

And ofcourse,he is a lovely poet too.Do drop by his blog sometime and have a worthwhile reading.

Seven facts about me!!!

1.I  prefer to be  solitude.

2.I am an Ambivert.

3.I believe in god and he is with us all the time.

4.My goal is to write all the time and get employed for the same.

5.I am a fan of A.R Rahman’s music (Of course ,who is not:-:-).

6.I have mood swings very often these days ,necessary to quit(lemme try).

7.I always  have  loving people around me and know they will be even when I am wrong.

Now,the Nominees!!!




29 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blog Award” – Its an honour for me and I fully appreciate it. I am happy about it 🙂

    For you, dear friend, CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

    In a few days I will take care of it. Thank you once again 🙂

    Have a nice weekend

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  2. Thanks a lot… And congratulations!!!
    Well this would be my 3rd Lovely Blogger award…
    I would not be posting it again on my page(sorry for that) but can always answer the facts here itself…
    Is this fine for you?

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      1. Okay!! So here it goes….
        1. I am split personality person…
        2. Loves to roam around, travel and alone expenditures….
        3. Since a last few days, I am easily getting frustrated…(mood swings😂)
        4. Try to enjoy every moment of life…
        5. A PANDA… Enjoys eating and sleeping 😇
        6. Not a movie buff, just see selected ones…
        7. Trying to enjoying my sadentary college life😑..

        Thanks again for the nomination…

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