Life is short

Not every love story ends in death ,but ends in marriage too.And Not every marriage ends in death,but ends in divorce too.We may fail in love and fail in marriage.None of them is the end of life.Though love and marriage seem different ,they are same.Except marriage has a big number.Big number of people involved in.Love is pure and eternal same as marriage.Love has commitment,responsibilities same as marriage.But these are not same as life.Because life is  more than just a relation.Let Life define more about you,than who you were with.Embrace yourself for what you are.And don’t stop to move on and don’t stop to live .


Biggest Lie you ever told



#Episode 4

Editor:”Well,this looks out standing and admirable ,you are……..?”

Me: There you go!!!(He only gets my entire bio data when something ‘s wrong with me)

Saying this I left the office .I felt relaxed when this Ayush work came to an end.Just to say “admirable” and “out standing” is something great to fall into our ears for a work.I did not feel a slice of happiness though.

I was sitting at the  TV and did not possibly watch any  of it.My phone was vibrating and I took the call,it was my “mom”.I guess she felt  her daughter, not doing well.Before I could completely lift the call I decided to go home.

“Really!!How many days do you stay?When are you coming?” Mom exclaimed when I told her I am coming.Not only her ,I felt over joyed listening to my own words.

Mom:tell me what happened? Are you not well

Me:I am fine (another bitter lie .But ,don’t you worry!! she already know you are not well .When any mom puts a question in front of you about your well being. she only wants to know ,how well you lie and how grown up you are).


Tada….I am home

Nothing else is comparable  to this lovely feeling ,it was like I left home a million ages back ,I checked every nook and corner ,the greenery around me,the backside view of poultry,my wander place balcony and also pretty mom.It had been days at home and I never had a thought of my phone and the office and the editor.It lasted for a moment for I was thinking why not just stay here?.

And I heard my dad calling from behind.Well,let me tell you about my dad,he is not good ,because he is amazing.He never wants me to pick a choice ,because everything is of mine.He never compels me,but guides.He never scolds,but warns.He never argues,but teaches.I didn’t hope he had something this time ,I didn’t see it coming.

Unlike before ,he did not ask anything about my work,food,living and friends.He ordered me to quit job and stay back.


A  Big Hello!!!! to all the bloggers.Well,It has been a very very long time since I penned down.Above post is the continuation of my series.Hope you recollect it and I hope ,I will post the next episode very soon.Thank you all!!!