Too much to have


tik tik tik tik tik………………..

I woke up and was so indelible to get ready ,combed my hair ,put on shoe ,grabbed my backpack,Which I packed last night with reusable water bottle,walking stick,Sunscreen SPF ,trousers and shirts with few snacks.Yes,Yes,Yes I am going on a trek.I was flying in between clouds with over exhilaration .Many things were revolving round my head like where  it would start?How does it go on?What I would be like at the end of the day? Yeah,I know I am over reacting .But,Guysss My friends are here after a very long time of anticipation.And,Finally came up with this plan. Wouldn’t you be the same?

Before I left ,I checked everything was closed and switched off ,in place and locked the apartment.I started ,an hour before the expected  time.

#Next day

It was another usual day so called monday , a day with so much of detachment .Not that I am disinterested at work,It was the choice of mine and mine alone.Could not think much of past then,every corner of my body is aching like a hell and when I put two feet on the floor ,its like am getting in touch with  fire.None of my body parts supported ,but still I wanted to run to office just to share about yesterday things.I was having coffee when I had call from one of my colleague .As a consequence,I was in office with a client in front of me.Assuming you still remember the guy(with all that handicrafts).I just wonder why would one want to start a store like that.Don’t they  see people craving for fashion and want to stand away from the crowd.Okay,Okay,I am back to my senses and hope I should owe a resolution right the next moment to focus only on my work.

Ayush:What do you think about the site?

Me: (My eyes were struck to the laptop and did not blink  for a while).It is                    WOW!!!How did you come up with so much beauty ,in just few days?

Ayush:Well,I had to rush up for those kids.

Me: your Kids?You are married?

Ayush:(He laughed out so loud)No,Not really.60 % of our earnings are donated to the orphans.Those orphan homes have been facing a lot of crisis since last year.Hence,we all came up with this idea.

Me:(was silent initially,quickly made up some words),excellent,perfect,super… etc,etc.I would not give a rupee to a child on roadside(month ending) I thought.

I watched him go as he left I know this is not me ,not emotional in a way though.


To the Respected Editor


Like every day,it was bright and intense ,sun emitting its true colors.I drove on my bike and went into office so  hurriedly that I could not possibly make an eye-contact with anyone and went to my desk.It took some time for me to adjust ,then everyone started to wish “Good Morning ” ,knowing who it is,I stood in my place and greeted him,when he looked at me, signaled me to come in,with his hand.I went in immediately into his cubicle ,a few minutes later,he asked  me to call the person waiting in the hall.I accompanied myself with the man from the hall to the cubicle.My editor introduced me to the man saying “He is the founder of a new startup , planning to build a website for his company.So,you’re  job here is to present the site more verbally,literally with the words.”and he stopped.I did not say anything in response, he also told me to take the person to my desk and to know about their product.I took him along with me to my desk ,I asked for his name ,he said “I am Ayush”,forwarded his hand .I told him “Ayush ,will you wait for a sec ,I will be back” and ran into editor’s office.

“Sir,I don’t understand,this is what I have been doing in my initial stage .Importantly ,I have done many more.”I was still speaking and he interrupted me telling to close the door when leaving the office.I had nothing to do,he did not even ask me for an explanation of my mistake.I sat down on my chair and looked above.As I saw him with a smile then I came back to my senses and pulled a chair from my desk and said “Ayush, sit and so sorry for the delay”.He seemed to be cooler and asked if he can start.

Ayush: We are building a site for online shopping and it holds the handicrafts such as                                greetings,paintings,show pieces…blah,blah,blah.

(I was gazing onto the wall ,left side of him and did not pay any concentration to what he was telling……then I heard no word .So,I looked at him.)

Ayush: What do you say?

Me:       wow!!!!That’s a brilliant idea.Why don’t you start  immediately?

Ayush:  (laughing with all his 32 teeth) yeah,we have already started and that is why I am here

Me:       I laughed too(not in a mood though).I will start as soon as you send me the website with  its full structure and complete with the products.

Ayush: Thank you!!!

(we shook hands and he left)

It was 1:30 PM .And I peeked into editor’s office standing in front of the door.Then I felt like a one ton of  weight on my shoulder.As an effect I moved forward ,my nose got hit to the door and I turned back to see.So,here he is (Editor sir),without any delay I told him all the things that took place yesterday and the reason for our argument.

Editor: Wait,wait,wait.I know all this before,everyone in the office told me what                                happened .But,the reason I gave you this work today is the assigned writer for it                  is on leave.So,respected Aditi will you do it for us without any extra                                         charge(smiling with a wink).

Me:(My heart was so relaxed when I heard him)Of Course,sir.



you are not my cup of tea


I was working on my new article,until editor came to me.He seemed not so usual and bashed all the papers to my face.The very next moment, I was standing and all that I heard was “you are never fit for this,and never will”.And he left,I was standing still and looked around with embarrassment.My eyes gazed onto one laughing soul and sat down with all regret as I recalled my last night.I had a fight ,it was not something one would want it to happen twice or think of it again.Let me share .Yesterday was a welcome party to the fresher’s and my job was to explain a few  ,about the work environment ,it went on well and I had a very good conversation with the new pals.Later,I was called by my editor and she was also in there .I greeted him and smiled at her.I had no response from her though.

He started to speak and as always he liked my writings and told it would be published soon.I was overwhelmed and thought this is my day,result for  staying up night.Thanking him ,I left the room.And was back to work.Not really,I was just peeking into some online shopping and heard a voice from behind “lovely shoes”,as I looked back I found her , gave a huge smile and asked “why were you so serious in the room”,she said “Not every one get appraisals from superior”,with her rolling eyes.”Come on,you will very soon” I said as I pattered her back.she removed my hand and stood up to leave before she said “you should be looking into some more dresses to get appraisals”,I could not believe what she said and soon gave her a slap ,before  I could  realize what I did,I felt hot coffee rolling down my shirt ,we started screaming at each other.As a result we were dismissed from the office the whole day.I was so depressed and filled with anger thinking how my best day had turned so worse.


Hello folks,long time ah!!!Hope all well and I went through what are you all up to now and I came up with this new work of mine to start a series and above is the introduction of it.I wish it goes on well .To mention ,I was planning to write a sort of this long ago and may be this is the time I was longing for.Do read and feedback  is  appreciated.

See you next Sunday or may be before!!!




A letter with love

Me:These are awesome !!!I never received anything of this sort before.

Mom:what did you say?you never got a letter(with wide open eyes).

Me: Of course , I didn’t  who would post me a letter  these days.

Mom:yeah I know ,letters have been replaced a long ago.When you are very much interested with this ,why don’t you start to write one.(and she went away to prepare coffee).

It was 4 ‘o’ clock in the evening.And I was sitting  among many unfolded letters fallen on the floor.There were about twenty to thirty green stamped  leaves .My heart was filled with such a pleasure and  excitement in my eyes.I read every one of them without any pause.when I completed them,mom came to me with a coffee in her hand.

I hold the coffee mug and gave a thought on writing a letter.I started to write one the very next day with fresh mind and an empty stomach.I borrowed a letter from my mom and was ready.Wait,what? who will I write to.With a big smile ,I began

Dear Myself,

How are you?Haven’t talked to you for a while.Hope all good.what are you up to?

Anything new.Of course ,I do think there’s a lot going on.Willing to tell me.Okay ,lemme go first.Well,as you know not much interested in so called studies.My love grew towards writing .I have been writing in one or the other way,time,place.Yet,it is special when I blog.And You know what? I am planning to pursue Masters in literature.Yeah,that’s

right!!!you read me.Guess you are hail and healthy.See you Sweetie.Keep in touch.Miss you!!

Your’s emotionally


What do you think folks?how overwhelming and glee would it be when you find a letter .Is it not as worthy as watching a sunrise.Is it not greater than visiting your granny after ages.

I would say this is above all of them.So,My dear folks here comes my humble request

Try starting to write a letter.I wouldn’t recommend to write to yourself(No one would be as silly as me):-.It is the bliss and you find your day complete and sleep with glee.And do share your experience with me.

Thanks for reading…………


A Thousand Splendid Suns

And that’s  the thing about people  who mean everything they  say they think everyone else does too.

-By khaled hosseini

A big hello to all!!!!

This post is something different from the old.well ,you will know it later.As you all read ,I do.But unlike all.I only read “love stories”.I think I should say I used to.Because I read a book which was described as…

A suspenseful epic- By Daily Telegraph

Unforgettable -By Isabel Allende

Breathtaking – By me;)

And yes it is.Because it’s by him.A masterful narrative …..He is a storyteller of dizzying power. khaled hosseini is an Afghan-born American novelist and physician. After graduating from college, he worked as a doctor in California, an occupation that he likened to “an arranged marriage”. He has published three novels, most notably his 2003 debut , The Kite Runner  all of which are at least partially set in Afghanistan and feature an Afghan as the protagonist. His other books are” The Thousand Splendid Suns” ,”And the Mountains echoed”.

And here is the story of  “A Thousand Splendid suns”::

Mariam lives with her mother ,who are separated from all the people. Jalil ,her father, pays visits to Mariam once in a while.when she is only fifteen she gets married to Rasheed,who has double the age of her.Initially ,Rasheed is nice to her .But,Later shows his true colors .Mariam ,the poor lady ,adjusts with him finding no other way.Then here comes a girl named Laila ,who has a diffrent story with a love in her life.He is Tariq.Unfortunately,tariq has to leave Laila . Laila gets into mariam and Rasheed’s home accidentally.Mariam and Laila becomes friends and it grows day by day stronger.Then a struggle starts after Taliban enters with starvation and brutality.After a long suffering Laila meets her tariq and life turns different for her.

That is a short description and the book is awesome .I recommend you all to read it

A Thousand Splendid Suns

I should have….

Hello all!!!I am back after a gap and was missing you and your art :D:D:D:D

My first poem ,down there

Amidst the gleeful crowd ,I walk out
seeking the grief in me
Staring  in to the dark sky, it’s blissful
I miss you with in me
Going    back into the filled  pages of my life
I turn joyous and despondant
Talk to him
I drove a path different from yours,
only after you
I had many choices,chance’s
if only I want to
Talk to him
And Now
After ages
After we have  roads ,that would never meet
I dream of making up to you .
I heard it more keenly now,
Talk to him


Thanks for reading!!!


What happened to you? What’s wrong?Are you with me !!! you changed a lot,you are not same …!!! .I am in the middle of the crowded room having no clue ,  On the top of my lungs screaming and no one even cares to glance ,everyone is busy gossiping ,laughing,gazing,teasing .Unless it was inner me  struggling to get a life.Those were the days I desperately wanted to get out of the world and be  enclosed by only me .I hope I am not the only one encountering such eerie situations .And the weapon we have is to weep .But for how long?It has been   ages  since I crossed my adolescence and desiring to wake up and  start all new.To all of you my dear mates “who have googled,surfing for advises of many psychologists  and different sites that pop up and blink .And do the same every time you feel so.So,here are the top things you could follow to beat up your minor depression.





Let me start from the very minute you wake feel empty ?Open the windows you had shut down for a while,let the nature seek you,nurture you and then you smile ,staring into the blue sky.Yes,this is the time ,pull out your shoe,grab a audio player and run.Run as fast as you could and as long as you could .Exploring yourself into the long roads,that never felt your strength.Greet every stranger you meet on the way.Keep running until your energy pours out in the form of sweat.

Exercise should be regarded as tribute to heart 

-Gene Tunney





Try these ….





They are great for providing omega-3 fatty acids.These acids are proven to help give your brain the nourishment it needs to curb depression.


Another source of omega-3 fatty acids.Stick to oily fish like salmon,tuna and sardines.


A lot of people turn to sweet foods.chocolate  contains Phenylethylamine ,which can give you the same sort of feeling you get when you are happy.And the darker,the better.


Along with several other foods such as bananas,orange juice,cereal and leafy green vegetables-chicken is good source of vitamin B that helps you feel better,both physically and mentally.


Recent studies have shown that a a low level of vitamin D can contribute to mental health issues such as depression .A great and easy way to find Vitamin D is to drink milk.Or try cheese,bread,mackerel and egg yolk.


3.List your Strengths

To keep going, know your strengths .And talk yourself into becoming stronger .List it out and speak it,by the last line you will break out from the sadness and try to be a  be productive individual in this world.

4.Change your habits

The point is to break up the old associations and give yourself a new environment for your new life.Move the furniture,Use a different shampoo ,delete the content that prevents you to move on

5.Listen to Music

Erase all the sad songs ,tracks that remind you of any old stuff .Switch on to new music ,Discover new songs ,try to listen to the other language songs more .Explore  and get refreshed by the new tracks .

6.Reaching out is not a sign of weakness

And it won’t mean you’re a burden to others. The truth is that most people are flattered if you trust them enough to confide in them. Your loved ones care about you and want to help.

7.Find a way to laugh.

We take life a little too seriously sometimes. But let’s put this in perspective: how you’re feeling right now is one tiny moment out of the thousands you will experience in your life. Know that sadness is temporary. And pick yourself up by watching your favorite funny show, movie, or video online.


A Supplement of SUNDAY  TIMES OF INDIA July 31st 2016 NATIONAL




Thank you…

I wouldn’t have planned to write my eleventh post so faster,if you all didn’t stand by me and reply to the every post of mine.


I don’t presume anyone here is blogging without an Intention.I came here to share my memories and make it a platform for my vocabulary  and to improve literature.When I first started my blog I was so scared to proceed further .But it did not last for so long  ,I was overwhelmed ,by all of  your responses and the best part is -where everyone connected to my writing ,even when I  was unable to figure it out.

There were days when I had zero views after already dropping  three of my posts.I was upset ,yet didn’t give up.But then I did not know ,it will be one of my favorite hobby and I will love it so much.

Many of you inspire me to write something different ,fantastic ,dramatic ,tragic and suspense.After a hectic work ,when I  lay on my bed with no drop of energy in me and I suddenly sit up ,widen my eyes and continue to read all of your posts.Trust me ,everything is amazing and soon I think to write one sort of that.  I will always want to make an attempt in all the above and one day I would come with one of the great story .Of course ,I am working on it starting from basics such as:Reading,discovering new terms and commit to a style of writing.

And ,that day I want you all to witness it and support me as always.All of you have become my dearly buddies so fast .And there is no single day I would go to bed without visiting the blogs.It has become my part.

Finally ,I think this is it .Thank you so very much for contributing me a lot of cheerfulness with or without your knowledge.I wish a very big “ALL THE BEST”.Keep Writing!!!




3 day quote challenge(My Companion)

Being an introvert ,I do not have much friends.And I have my friends to a certain boundary.I speak less say many of the strangers ,but my buddies wait to shut up my mouth.Iam very open to one’s iam close with and love to be with.

Some annoy me,irritate me,disturb me.

I wake up and get upset,ofcorse it’s a mentality of many people.Some are nice,polite,honest.And some are nothing.Some have pride to showcase themselves.Many say iam of this category.But I never gave attention to them.

Amidst of all these ,I always enjoy  playing my table tennis.Its sort of  relieve from all these nonsense.I started it with no intention in my mind.And it slowly started to be part of me.I want playing it all the day.My biggest happiness of all the time.My greatest pleasure.

And probably there are many of us with a special interest in them as iam with table tennis .

Let me remind you ,sport is one of the strength in you when you want to face the outside world with no idea of what’s coming next.

Hope it was a good one:D:D:D

I thank Apeksha rai once again for nominating me.And I loved writing all the three consecutive days.

I would like to nominate:::


2.Too full to write