Make it Count

I moved to Mumbai for a regular 8 hour boring job and could not regret it more.Living in Mumbai was the worst dream ever come true and I have left with no choice.Well, tell me one place where you would struggle to get onto a local at 3.00 A.M.

Welcome to Mumbai.

And who knows you have to travel 60 kms a day to and from office.This is not it.Lets,talk about my hindi.That was terrible.Oh please!!! not more terrible than when I fell from a local train trying to get down.The  worst thing is renting a place here with all that damn deposit ,it was too high for me to afford. But the best part is I dont have to do it all alone.I had  a bunch of friends and sharing a house has done good to us.But still my journey of 60 kms persists and unfortunately I had to move with strangers close by office. The moving day turned out to be awful ,well it was my own decision to live away.Yet,I could not hold my tears sitting at the back of an uber with loaded luggage.But that night when the driver willingly waited outside the apartment till someone came to help me the baggages ,I could heartfully say thank you and thought this is not gonna be bad.Here ,I am with two strangers who turned out to be my best roomies. Well,that took some time.Nonetheless ,chai bonded us together ,that was the time we came to know each other and stayed along. I had many more best moments,One where I could get back to my friends waiting and staring at the huge dark sky in Marine Drive ,as they say it the Heart of Mumbai.And one when I could get out of a moving train just as simple as loosening your hair.That Vada pav ,that awkward pose at gateway of india,that dumb bargaining at Bandra,those long rides,our stayovers  and unseasonnal visit to Lonavala and all those well planned,cancelled trips.One common thing that holded up all these and wrapped it in a bouquet is this city.And you made this girl talk.So,Mumbai let’s make it happen.


I am a lesbian

“I feel like kissing you today” I said to my girl friend.And I heard a lots of giggles,chuckles from my behind.when I turned to witness what happened ,  I was insulted ,humiliated with their words and behaviour, by my classmates .Very soon,We both ran away not able to defend our own selves.Later,I was called by my professor along with my dad into the cubicle.There,I stood like a rock when my father was being abused for none of his fault.Just like me, my father remained silent,not just in that room alone,but in all my life.As a result,I had to leave my girlfriend as well as my college.

I was 19 when all of this happened ,yet could not free myself from it.Because, I was called sick for being homosexual,I got many mails threatening for being me.Yet, I was quiet.Because,not just few ,my whole country was feeling the same and unwelcomed me with their little narrow minds.

But today I celebrate the judgement outside the court room hugging my girl and crying out loud for long held emotions

“Yes, I am a lesbian and I have feelings towards a woman.I love a woman,for the same reason that all other men do.I care for her,smile for her,dress up for her,also undress for her.Because I have a heart and it is not a coward”.

Let me tell you what all happened ,how many people,activists were involved to fight a war to be like the way we want to,and to be with the one we want to.


The letters LGBTQIA refer to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex and asexual or allied. Are you confused that all are same.No, they are not and the difference is significant.

Lesbian:          A woman attracted to woman

Gay:                 A  man attracted to man

Bisexual:        A person attracted to both man and woman

Transgender:A person whose sex is different with their birth sex.

Queer :           A person who is still exploring their sexual identity,sexual                        orientation,gender.

Intersex:        A person whose genitals do not match with female’s nor a male’s.

Asexual:        A person who do not have sexual feelings.

The initialism LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of sexuality and gender identity-based cultures. It may be used to refer to anyone who is non hetero sexual or non cisgender, instead of exclusively to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. To incorporate this into LGBT , a  letter Q is added for those who identify as queer or are questioning their sexual identity, “LGBTQ” has been recorded since 1996.




It is  devised by an artist Gilbert Baker from San Francisco.The rainbow flag, usually called as the Gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, is a sign of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride also LGBT social Movements. This flag was also used as a symbol of peace.  The multi-colured flag represents the togetherness and diversity of the community. It represents all religion, race, gender, age and nationality. Each color in the flag reflects some meaning –

Violet is for Spirit,

Blue is for Peace,

Green is for Nature,

Yellow is for Sunlight,

Orange means Healing and

Red is for Life.

This flag  consists of six stripes: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The flag is typically flown horizontally, with the red stripe on top, as it would be in a rainbow.


A timeline of Section 377

1861: Introduction of Section 377

Section 377 was introduced by British India, based on the Buggery Act of 1533. This was brought into effect in 1860. It defined ‘buggery’ as an unnatural sexual act against the will of God and man, thus, criminalizing  homosexuality, in a broader sense.

2001: Naz Foundation files petition against Section 377 in Delhi High Court

In 2001, Naz Foundation filed a petition challenging the constitutionality of Section 377 in the Delhi High Court. They filed a lawsuit to allow homosexual relations between consenting adults.

2003: Delhi HC dismisses Naz Foundation plea

The Delhi High Court dismissed the Naz Foundation petition, saying the body had no standing in the matter. The Naz Foundation appealed the dismissal to the Supreme Court in 2006, which instructed the Delhi High Court to reconsider the case.

2009: Delhi High Court decriminalizes homosexuality

In a landmark decision, the Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexuality among consenting adults, holding it in violation of Article 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution of India.

2012: Supreme Court overturns the High Court order

In December 2012, the Supreme Court overturned the High Court’s decision, after finding it “legally unsustainable.” A two-judge bench, comprising Justice G S Singhvi and Justice S J Mukhopadhaya observed that the High Court had overlooked the fact that a “minuscule fraction of the country’s population constitutes LGBT,” and that in over 150 years less than 200 people were prosecuted for committing an offence under the section.

The Supreme Court then recommended that the Parliament address the matter because only they had the power to amend the existing laws.

2015: Shashi Tharoor’s Private Member Bill

After the Narendra Modi-led government was sworn-in in 2014, it said it would take a decision regarding Section 377 only after the Supreme Court  judgment. In a written reply to Lok Sabha, Minister of State (Home) Kiren Rijiju had said, “The matter is sub-judiced before the Supreme Court. A decision regarding Section 377 of IPC can be taken only after pronouncement of judgment by the Supreme Court.”

A year later, when Shashi Tharoor introduced a private member’s Bill to decriminalize homosexuality, the Lok Sabha voted against it.

2016: Five petitioners move Supreme Court over Section 377

Five petitions were filed by S Johar, journalist Sunil Mehra, chef Ritu Dalmia, hotelier Aman Nath and business executive Ayesha Kapur. The petition, filed by well-known LGBTQ activists, claimed their “rights to sexuality, sexual autonomy, choice of sexual partner, life, privacy, dignity, and equality, along with the other fundamental rights guaranteed under Part-III of Constitution, are violated by Section 377.”

2018: Supreme Court begins hearing on Section 377

A five-judge Constitutional bench, led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and comprising Justices R F Nariman, A M Khanwilkar, D Y Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra, begins hearing petitions challenging Section 377.The supreme court ruled that consensual adult gay sex is not a crime,no one has control over it.

This judgement has defanged the British-era of section 377 of Indian Penal Code(IPC) which believed that homosexuality is crime.

My Love Affair

#Episode 5

I walk shutting the door, leaving wet footprints on the floor.I stand facing myself, with both my hands holding the towel.As I gaze the mirror keenly loosening the garment mantling my assets.Now, as I perceive her deliberately at every notch, I step forward a bit, a bit and a bit more, not dropping an eye at the mirror.I turn side facing, pushing my wet hair softly to the neck, unaware I happen to raise ankles while I place my palms on the hips and my eye trying to look at my back.Amidst, I catch up a girl posing like the one she saw on the magazine and like the one on the hoarding, also like the one on the T.V and one more and one more and finally one, one, one.

Undesirably, I slide the mirror away.

I spot one from the closet peeping right at me like the one abandoned longtime, craving for a little erotica, leaning towards I pick it up cuddling the 7 yards plain green.This piece has a story, binding every letter for so long years with awaiting love, romance, and goodbyes then I discover the saree with the touch of my eye recollecting the memories it held, this made me swift in draping my long last love all over me.I lacquer it by slaying pallu on the left shoulder noticing a curve never before on the lips.

Later, I ride my car still continuing with the big smile and now I can feel it in my eyes while having a sneak peek at the mirror again.

Dear Mom

I often remember you complaining a lot about me to dad for the times I didn’t listen and for the times I didn’t work.Anyway, I smile and you know why? Because , I know you will stop sometime later.
Don’t worry that I am late assuming I was wasting my time around.
Don’t worry that I always run into a room when relatives are home.
Don’t worry that I don’t make a round chapatis.
Don’t worry that I always go for partying.
Don’t worry that I forget wishing my siblings on their special days.
Dont worry that I only wear western and hate to be traditional
I was late doing my work before hand so that I can have a holiday with family
I run as I don’t want annoying questions on me spoiling your mind too.
I can still make delicious food and satisfy my in laws.
I party with friends to make sure I am happy and can still do better knowing you are not the only one who loves me.
I talk to them on a regular basis as our relationship is just not what it looks on Facebook timeline.
I wear what I love and that makes me comfortable.But I will always be ready for a saree if you wish to let me click a lot of pictures.

Life is short

Not every love story ends in death ,but ends in marriage too.And Not every marriage ends in death,but ends in divorce too.We may fail in love and fail in marriage.None of them is the end of life.Though love and marriage seem different ,they are same.Except marriage has a big number.Big number of people involved in.Love is pure and eternal same as marriage.Love has commitment,responsibilities same as marriage.But these are not same as life.Because life is  more than just a relation.Let Life define more about you,than who you were with.Embrace yourself for what you are.And don’t stop to move on and don’t stop to live .

Biggest Lie you ever told



#Episode 4

Editor:”Well,this looks out standing and admirable ,you are……..?”

Me: There you go!!!(He only gets my entire bio data when something ‘s wrong with me)

Saying this I left the office .I felt relaxed when this Ayush work came to an end.Just to say “admirable” and “out standing” is something great to fall into our ears for a work.I did not feel a slice of happiness though.

I was sitting at the  TV and did not possibly watch any  of it.My phone was vibrating and I took the call,it was my “mom”.I guess she felt  her daughter, not doing well.Before I could completely lift the call I decided to go home.

“Really!!How many days do you stay?When are you coming?” Mom exclaimed when I told her I am coming.Not only her ,I felt over joyed listening to my own words.

Mom:tell me what happened? Are you not well

Me:I am fine (another bitter lie .But ,don’t you worry!! she already know you are not well .When any mom puts a question in front of you about your well being. she only wants to know ,how well you lie and how grown up you are).


Tada….I am home

Nothing else is comparable  to this lovely feeling ,it was like I left home a million ages back ,I checked every nook and corner ,the greenery around me,the backside view of poultry,my wander place balcony and also pretty mom.It had been days at home and I never had a thought of my phone and the office and the editor.It lasted for a moment for I was thinking why not just stay here?.

And I heard my dad calling from behind.Well,let me tell you about my dad,he is not good ,because he is amazing.He never wants me to pick a choice ,because everything is of mine.He never compels me,but guides.He never scolds,but warns.He never argues,but teaches.I didn’t hope he had something this time ,I didn’t see it coming.

Unlike before ,he did not ask anything about my work,food,living and friends.He ordered me to quit job and stay back.


A  Big Hello!!!! to all the bloggers.Well,It has been a very very long time since I penned down.Above post is the continuation of my series.Hope you recollect it and I hope ,I will post the next episode very soon.Thank you all!!!








One Lovely Blog Award


Hello all! I am very glad for posting this.As this his been a second compliment in a row.I am very thank full to my fellow blogger for nominating me.He is  sunil singh.He is a wonderful blogger and has so much of content that leaves you a moment to think about.

And ofcourse,he is a lovely poet too.Do drop by his blog sometime and have a worthwhile reading.

Seven facts about me!!!

1.I  prefer to be  solitude.

2.I am an Ambivert.

3.I believe in god and he is with us all the time.

4.My goal is to write all the time and get employed for the same.

5.I am a fan of A.R Rahman’s music (Of course ,who is not:-:-).

6.I have mood swings very often these days ,necessary to quit(lemme try).

7.I always  have  loving people around me and know they will be even when I am wrong.

Now,the Nominees!!!



The Versatile Blogger Award


This is my first time of Versatile awardee and it is very special to me.It has been a long while since I achieved a compliment for my work.It left me overwhelming and you are the reason Piyush Bilandi. I am very much thankful for this act.And hope you will have a good perception on my upcoming posts and blogs.

Now Something Really Interesting About Piyush Bilandi

As I through his blog recently, he had many interesting technology facts going on round the globe.His site is a collection of  every piece of electronic gadget from mobiles,network operators their attractive offers and about  anything new in the digital world.Do go through his site and know  lot many things .

Piyush Bilandi site:

Now The Rules of The Versatile blogger Award

  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you and share their links.
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  • Also inform them about their nomination.
  • Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

 The 7 Facts About me

  • My passion is  to write and to sow the seeds of my thought into the reader’s mind.
  • All time admirable book is “A Thousand splendid Suns”.
  • My motivation to work harder is my loving mom.
  • I have immense respect for those women ,who struggled their life ,to be glorified and to remain memorable.
  • I always believe “Life has already ended ,when you didn’t learn from your mistakes”.
  • At start ,I was not so happy with my blog.As it did not have a single reader.But very soon my website turned into a celebration with many visitors.And I thank you all for your contribution.This blog  soon became my hobby.
  • Finally I am a person of love,do not speak much but express at time.A stubborn but has a consoling heart.A writer with no pen in hand:-:-;-

Now The Nominees

Thank you readers!!!






Yours always

On the sea shore with tides touching my feet and a distant lightning moon witnessing me I held my eyes staring high.Because you are a shining star in the dark sky.

I began to recall all the chattering of ours and our long night outs ,our giggles,our stories of life.

And then I wonder where all of them flew,or may be you took them away from me along with you.

I don’t have a place for happiness in my heart.I don’t smile like before,dress like before,talk like before ,live like before.All I can think is,which I never wanted to be remembered ,it is four of the men carrying you in a coffin and in which you were not a person anymore ,but just a body.

I sit there on the sand and wonder why aren’t you here with me.I jump with my hand trying to hold you.I fall .I try again knowing I will fall.

I am not complaining officer infact I am proud of you for loving you ,and proud for chosing your own death unlike us all.You died for the nation but you are immortal for me.

Love your body

My daughter ,a 10 year old once asked me “What is a pimple?”.We were on a cushion watching cartoon on a TV and I stopped sipping my coffee to  stare at her chubby cheeks  and pinkish face,I didn’t find any! well,not then.

Daughter: Maa , what is it? How does it come?

Me:(I thought for a while and all that could flash in my mind is smaller me:-:-:-I was also same worrying about my face,beauty and body,I did not know what to answer her,I don’t want her to grow up like me,so I cooked it up) Sweety ,It is just a sign that you are growing up and don’t you worry ,because it will vanish sooner than you discover it.

Daughter: When will it vanish for you?

Me: (I was pity about her class teacher on how was she handling this cute questionnaire )I smiled and said it doesn’t bother me any more ,because it makes your mama more beautiful ,isn’t it?

Daughter:No,you were good with out it.

And she ran to her friends waiting for her to play.I was there sitting thinking how  to convince my kiddo.But look at her age,Not only she had not crossed puberty but she doesn’t know what it is.One afternoon ,it was Sunday and I was washing dishes ,she pointed at my waist and said “what are those scars?”(Those were my stretch marks).I wanted to stop her immediately talking about all these bodily changes.

It was night the same day and we were in a bedroom when I started to narrate on “Kalpana Chawla”.(Well, I prepared for it the whole evening).And I was so happy when she was excited about every part of the biography.

Me:She died in a space shuttle  just before entering into earth.

Daughter:(She got up from my lap  and exclaimed) “she died!!!”.

Me:(I smiled and said) No, she is re living in my story.So,”When are you growing up to  be great like her?

Daughter:Very soon,and I will be greater to her.

Few weeks passed and I did not see her thinking about all the old stuff. In fact ,she bought a book named “Women who inspired the world” from library.You should have seen me then,I was proud of her already.Eventually,she never spoke about them then after.It is not only story of my daughter but story of every girl and woman striving for a shaped body not for her.Our women body is often compared to an Apple shape,Spoon shape and Hourglass shape.It is not about the shape ,the other factors like :thin or fat,height or short,white or black .They don’t define you nor your beauty.You are more than a size,length,color and shape.You don’t live for yourself and you are the reason for  lives.For you are a mother,daughter,sister,friend and a girlfriend.No one’s ever here to judge you about your body.You are a way more beautiful with your work,patience,caring,loving and living.Love your body anyway and stay healthy.