you are not my cup of tea


I was working on my new article,until editor came to me.He seemed not so usual and bashed all the papers to my face.The very next moment, I was standing and all that I heard was “you are never fit for this,and never will”.And he left,I was standing still and looked around with embarrassment.My eyes gazed onto one laughing soul and sat down with all regret as I recalled my last night.I had a fight ,it was not something one would want it to happen twice or think of it again.Let me share .Yesterday was a welcome party to the fresher’s and my job was to explain a few  ,about the work environment ,it went on well and I had a very good conversation with the new pals.Later,I was called by my editor and she was also in there .I greeted him and smiled at her.I had no response from her though.

He started to speak and as always he liked my writings and told it would be published soon.I was overwhelmed and thought this is my day,result for  staying up night.Thanking him ,I left the room.And was back to work.Not really,I was just peeking into some online shopping and heard a voice from behind “lovely shoes”,as I looked back I found her , gave a huge smile and asked “why were you so serious in the room”,she said “Not every one get appraisals from superior”,with her rolling eyes.”Come on,you will very soon” I said as I pattered her back.she removed my hand and stood up to leave before she said “you should be looking into some more dresses to get appraisals”,I could not believe what she said and soon gave her a slap ,before  I could  realize what I did,I felt hot coffee rolling down my shirt ,we started screaming at each other.As a result we were dismissed from the office the whole day.I was so depressed and filled with anger thinking how my best day had turned so worse.


Hello folks,long time ah!!!Hope all well and I went through what are you all up to now and I came up with this new work of mine to start a series and above is the introduction of it.I wish it goes on well .To mention ,I was planning to write a sort of this long ago and may be this is the time I was longing for.Do read and feedback  is  appreciated.

See you next Sunday or may be before!!!